• Screen

It is the visible part of your system, it must be choosen with care depending on your project and your environment (size, brightness, contrast...). We propose you high quality screens of all sizes that will integrate perfectly in your shop or company.

3 years warranty.

  • The Player

It recovers the contents that you have created and broadcast them on the screen.

Real mutlimedia center equiped with Windows 7 or Windows 10, this player is perfect for broadcast all your contents including HD videos.

Very compact and quiet, the player can be fixed behind the screen and it turns on with a remote.Totally autonomous, it does not need any intervention.

2 years warranty.

Digital signage Equipment - Digital Signage

Digital signage Equipment
Mediaberry is Next-generation Digital Signage software solution and allows you, with your favorite browser, to manage and design your screen's contents, templates and broadcast images, videos, weather forecast, live data grids or charts and much more....
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